Executing projects to help Portsmouth Naval Base become the world’s best defence establishment

Estate and infrastructure are at the heart of everything the Ministry of Defence does. It is the key asset where our people live, work and train, from which they operate and from where they deploy. Defence estates are fundamental to military capability and provide an ambitious landmark for future aims, such as contributing to the UK’s Net Zero and sustainability commitments in response to the growing threat of climate change.

On behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy, KBS Maritime are responsible for the design, delivery and transition of estates projects into operational use at His Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth.

Commencing under the Future Maritime Support Programme (FMSP) in 2021, KBS Maritime provides technology-led, data driven Hard-Facilities Management and Alongside Services to support the mission of the Royal Navy. This work includes strategic estates knowledge management, utilities management and operations, design and build lifecycle and new infrastructure, repair and maintenance of assets, locks, docks and berthing.

The KBS Maritime team has a vast range of skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications to undertake the multitude of infrastructure projects on and around Portsmouth Naval Base.

Significant achievements in the first year of the FMSP

The outputs of our Project Execution team are driven by the overall strategic outcomes from the Naval Base strategy, with a focus on achieving reliability and resilience within the base infrastructure.

Last year alone, the Project Execution team delivered well over 100 projects, ranging from improving the lived experience for the Royal Navy in Nelson Personnel Centre to introducing new capabilities that support the Ships programme. We have also made significant improvements to the resilience of the base by carrying out upgrades to the power (HV/LV) and road network coupled with support to the Type 45 maintenance programme with hydraulic dock blocks and shore power upgrades for the Queen Elizabeth Class jetties.

Three core competency areas across the several hundred acre Base

Organised into three core areas, the projects and programmes activity focusses on

Base and Personnel: Ensuring that the Naval Base is a safe place to live and work for the 12,000 people who enter the establishment each day with projects spanning the  repurposing of space, roof repairs/replacements, road repairs/resurfacing, external/internal structural repairs, relocations, refurbishments, asbestos/legionella/fire safety remedials, internal/external works to heritage buildings and anything & everything in between!

Systems: Installing and upgrading the extensive technology systems and networks which keep Portsmouth Naval Base safe, secure and connected through managing projects related to HV – (Transformers, Switchboards, Cabling, RFC, SFC), LV – (rewiring, switchboards, lighting, DSU’s, Feeder Pillars), Heating, A/C, Gas, Fire Alarms, PV, EV Chargers, CHP, CCTV, PA, Fibre Network, Access Control, Panic Alarms, Workshop Equipment, Software upgrades and Shore Supply Equipment.

Waterfront: With a waterfront spanning over six miles, the team are responsible for jetties, berths, basins, caissons, locks, docks and all the associated infrastructure to make a Naval Base tick.  All works in this area are impacted by operational ship constraints and tidal states so collaborative planning is essential.

Collaboration and cooperation across Team Portsmouth

Delivering collaboratively alongside the MOD and Team Portsmouth partners, KBS Maritime will help bring transformational change to the Naval Base through a range of strategic initiatives including investment in dockyard infrastructure, the development of digital solutions and carbon reduction programmes, to improve the delivery of Naval Base outputs.

Our aim is ambitious – to support Portsmouth Naval Base become the world’s best defence establishment, supporting the delivery of fleet outputs.