KBS Maritime provides a competitive and agile delivery vehicle, committed to working with Customers and industry partners to support the delivery of operational outputs.

Service Delivery

The Navy relies on our team to maintain critical assets and systems, deliver operational services such as Heavy Lifting and provide Alongside Services support to the Portsmouth Flotilla. On average, this involves 700 ship movements a year, from a single ship movement to the deployment of the Carrier Strike Group. Feedback from our teams informs the development of future programmes, ensuring that the Naval Base continues to evolve – to be more efficient and reliable. We work with the Navy and industry partners under a shared ‘Team Portsmouth’ ethos, committed to supporting how the Navy live, work, train and deploy from the Naval Base.

Major Initiatives:

  • Implementation of mobile working systems
  • Implementation of remote monitoring and diagnostic tools for the Control Room
  • Transition to SFG20 maintenance regime
  • Application of flexible working arrangements to meet operational demands
  • Training and development of multi-disciplinary operatives

Strategic Estates

Our aim is to help Portsmouth Naval Base become the world’s best defence establishment, supporting delivery of Fleet outputs. We work as a joint Strategic Estates team alongside the Royal Navy to maintain and enable operational delivery through effective planning and investment.

We draw on experience from our commercial partners to ensure that the Naval Base benefits from best practice, innovation and emergent technologies. Above all, we ensure that the Naval Base is a safe place to live and work for the 12,000 people who enter the establishment each day.

Major Initiatives:

  • Road Map to ISO55001 accreditation
  • Digital Dockyard strategy
  • Waterfront infrastructure upgrades
  • High/Low Voltage systems upgrades
  • Power generation strategy
  • Carbon reduction programmes

Project Execution

Portsmouth Naval Base is the second busiest port in the United Kingdom and home of the Surface Fleet. With around 700 ship movements per year, maintaining delivery of the in-year infrastructure investment programme and planning for future years, is a real challenge. Our team works in partnership with the Royal Navy to de-conflict delivery of up to 300 projects per year. This ranges from routine life-cycle replacement projects through to the implementation of new systems. Through our project delivery partners, we ensure that the Navy gets best value from their allocated funding and secure third-party funding for commercial projects.

Major Initiatives:

  • Acquisition of a ‘Ship Lift’ capability
  • Regeneration of up to 2,500 bed spaces
  • Implementation of a low carbon heat network
  • Upgrade of High/Low voltage network
  • Retro-fitting of asset diagnostic censors
  • Upgrade of Command & Control facility
  • Upgrade of Jetties and Saltwater systems
  • Implementation of ‘rapid transit’ dock solutions
  • Conversion of historic buildings