Setting the standard: KBS Maritime achieves five ISO certifications in 24 months

Demonstrating commitment  to quality services and programmes.

We are proud to announce that KBS Maritime has now achieved five ISO certifications. Since KBS Maritime started back in 2021, we have worked diligently to develop robust processes and management systems in line with ISO standards and our customers needs, culminating in this significant achievement.

ISO 22301, ISO 55001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 now stand as our commitment to delivering quality services, projects and programmes to the Royal Navy and UK MOD under the Future Maritime Support Programme.

“When we embarked as KBS Maritime, we knew that creating a strong foundation was paramount to our success. With determination, diligence and a clear vision, we have built our processes and management systems from the ground up. This milestone achievement with our ISO certifications epitomizes the hardwork of our teams since day one”, highlighted Richard Gotheridge, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Director at KBS Maritime.

Securing ISO 22301, the international standard for Business Continuity, is a testament to our proactive approach in safeguarding our operations and services against potential disruptions. By obtaining this certification, we demonstrate our commitment to identifying risks, implementing effective strategies, and maintain uninterrupted service delivery to our customers at Portsmouth Naval Base.

Achieving ISO 55001 validates our processes to maximising the value of the Royal Navy Assets and Infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency, and aligning our systems and processes with the best-practice Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

ISO 9001, which is synonymous with excellence in quality management, reflects our adherence to stringent quality control measures, continuous improvement, and customer-centric approach across all aspects of our operations.

By implementing the ISO 14001 standard, and through responsible business practices, we are demonstrating our commitment to minimise our environmental impact by reducing waste, conserving resources and building sustainable solutions into all our projects and programmes.

The ISO 45001 certification highlights our commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, our contractors and our customers. ISO 45001 showcases our dedication to identifying and managing health and safety risks, preventing accidents, and fostering a culture of well-being.

The five certifications solidify our position as KBS Maritime, whilst driving us to continually improve and exceed expectations. We are committed to delivering value to our customer and maintain the highest standards in all our endeavours.