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This means that we will always deliver solutions that are safe for our people and the environment. We are also motivated to continuously drive investment into improving the safety environment and establishing a sustainable Naval Base. Our people are our biggest asset. Without them we couldn’t deliver to our customers so keeping them safe is our number one priority. 

ESG at Portsmouth Naval Base

KBS Maritime has a dual role in safety, health and environmental (SHE) management. We have responsibility for keeping our employees safe, but we also have a wider role in protecting the Naval Base personnel for whom we provide a service, including the Royal Navy.

As KBS Maritime we follow the ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 management standards for SHE.

We have a goal of achieving Zero Harm: zero serious injuries and zero environmental events.

We already have safe systems of work and provide robust SHE training, but what we are really about is reducing risk at source; having the right equipment, infrastructure and site-wide information.

Major Initiatives

  • Zero Harm programme of Risk Reduction
  • SHE Management Information and Reporting
  • Integrated SHE and Quality Management System
  • Robust, tailored SHE training
  • SHE Assurance activities (internal and external)
  • Construction (and Design) Management Regs

Net Zero Carbon

HM Naval Base Portsmouth is committed to Net Zero Carbon by 2030 (scope 1 & 2) and 2040 (scope 3). KBS Maritime is in a unique position to make this happen.

Since 2021, we have made significant strides in our Net Zero Carbon journey. Achieving ISO 14001 certification for our Management System demonstrates our commitment to environmentally responsible practices. We have also taken steps in rationalising our vehicle fleet, resulting in reduced carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Collaborating closely with our customer, we have developed a tailored NZC reduction plan as part of the Site Estate Management Plan and provided guidance on future project requirements to help them achieve their sustainability goals. We have also issued  a comprehensive heat decarbonisation plan for all buildings across the Naval Base, outlining options for low carbon heat solutions. Additionally, we have proposed a roadmap for carbon capture and storage (CCS) for the site combined heat and power (CHP) to enable the base to meet Greening Government Commitments.

With these achievements, we are supporting the Naval Base Commander take decisive steps towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Across KBS Maritime and our role at HM Naval Base Portsmouth, we are committed to leveraging data insight, innovation and research to further reduce our carbon footprint. Whether it’s driving change through our value chain by working together to amplify our impact, to exploring renewable energy alternatives within our projects and programmes or by minimising our direct emissions by adopting cleaner energy sources and investing in sustainable technologies.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we are setting ambitious targets for the coming years and regularly monitoring our progress against them.

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