The Jack Up Barge returns to the Base

The Jack-Up Barge (JUB) is back at the Naval Base ready to support the Royal Navy with its programmes.

The Typhoon 3000 has been on a commercial charter since January with Red7Marine installing new ‘first of kind’ nesting structures for vulnerable¬†birds in Lowestoft and Minsmere, as part of the Orsted Energy project.

Thanks to all the teams which supported bringing the jack-up barge back into the Base, as well as those involved in the departure back in January.

The jack up barge is named Typhoon 3000 after the RMAS TYPHOON, a sea going tug and the first vessel to depart the UK for the Falklands in 1982. The naming ceremony for the jack up barge took place in 2022 on the same day RMAS TYPHOON left Portland (4 April 1982) ahead of the Task Force which left the following day on 5 April 1982, marking the occasion of its departure from the UK as a part of the Falklands 40-year anniversary.

Typhoon 3000 is managed and operated by KBS Maritime, on behalf of the Royal Navy, in its principal role of lifting Royal Navy vessels from the water into (and out of) dry facilities in Portsmouth, improving operations and future-proofing the facility. Typhoon 3000 is also globally dynamic and can be moved anywhere in the world to support the Royal Navy, should the need ever arise.